About us. Where it all started.

This crazy candle making business started around  2010 by a Julia Williams the director of Essential Touch Candles. Starting a new business from scratch you have to be a little coo coo.  
Julia’s career started in Social Care as a Social Worker and committed 15 years before taking her current path.
Once Julia qualified in making natural and herbal care products she began sourcing eco-friendly materials for her candles and to help towards reducing her carbon footprint. Julia began hand making soy wax candles and other natural body care products right out of her kitchen and tested them on her family and friends. With the desire to take a more therapeutic career path Essential Touch Candles was born. It was born to light up people’s lives and enhance their environment.
Julia started to sell her candles and natural body care products at various local markets. She also attended several craft fairs events. After several months of dealing with the  unpredictable British weather conditions, it was time to relocate to somewhere undercover and where it was warm and protected from elements.
So at the end of January 2011 Julia and her partner successfully secured a retail position in the mall Westfield Shopping Centre in Merry Hill, West Midlands. Julia continued to practise as a Social Worker whilst she got her business on its feet and worked on the kiosk in the mall evenings and weekends.
In April 2012 Julia made the decision to fully commit to Essential Touch Candles. Then in September 2013 Julia launched Essential Touch Candles at the Autumn Fair International Trade Fair. She continues to nurture and evolve her business - cooking candles which are crafted by hand from start to finish.
Thanks for taking the time to know my business.
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