Essential Touch Candles Tins

Essential Touch Candles (or etc) are created by Julia Williams, Director of Essential Touch Ltd. Our candles come in various colour's. We have over 20 fragrances to suit all preferences. These candles are make for a more desirable candle as they are affordable and lovingly made by hand.

Our candles are made from soy wax, which is a vegetable based wax made from 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. The wax contains no pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified material. The dyes used in our candles are not made from insects or any other materials sourced from animals or tested on animals. Our fragrance oils and essential oils have been carefully selected so that give an excellent throw. Our candles are an excellent choice for those who wish to burn environmentally vegan friendly candles.

Our candles are creatively designed to tantalise your senses. Each candle is presented in an elegant glass jar with a tastefully adorned lid, a Tin or glass Skull shaped jar. Essential Touch candles are created to calm, evoke pleasant memories, be fun and enhance any environment.