Orange Blossom Candle Tin

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A joyous, like a ray of sunshine that is almost too bright. It has a slightly rich orange citrus feel on top of a beautiful white flower.

Please note: A description of this fragrance can be found on the back of the Tin. Also as you know these candles are handmade therefore you may find there is a slight variation in the colour of the candle.

Essential Touch Candles-Tips: How to Burn the Perfect Candle
"The first burn is the most important—the candle wax must pool to the edge on the initial burn. I always like to remind people that wax has memory, meaning that if your candle doesn't burn to the edges, it will begin to tunnel and won't burn evenly the next time. Given the right wick is used. Keeping the candle away from air-streams like open windows, doorways, high traffic areas or fans is crucial."

Approx weight: 213g

Approx burn time: 35-40 hours.

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